Whole Food Nutrition Therapy

Whole Food Based Nutrition Therapy combines specific whole food supplementation and dietary changes based on Dr Ratliff's over 10 years of experience and extensive post graduate training in various techniques. This highly individualized approach allows Dr. Ratliff to evaluate the alarms (symptoms) your body is sending and quickly determine what support your body needs.

When specific nutritional deficiencies are addressed the body has the raw materials needed to heal and resolve the symptoms that are standing between you and optimal health.

Dr. Ratliff has helped patients lose weight, lower blood pressure and control their blood sugar without drugs. Other problems such as digestive issues (gas, constipation and acid reflux) have all been helped by Dr. Ratliff through nutrition. He has successfully helped those with food sensitivities, asthma and eczema.

Our bodies have amazing healing capacity and are designed to be healthy, we just need to give our bodies the right raw materials to fuel the body.

Here are some comments from our patients; ask us how you can receive similar treatment.

Before I started Nutrition Response Testing with Dr. Ratliff:

I was overweight. I had no energy and was frequently depressed. I was taking 2 strong prescription pain killers which helped very little and I had to take some sort sleep aid every night. I felt 10 years older than I was.

I was a little skeptical about the testing at first. It seemed a little unconventional. But after a few days on the program I was a believer. With a few easy to follow changes in my diet and the supplements my body asked for my energy went through the roof. I sleep like a baby without sleep aids.

Before I started with Dr. Ratliff:

My Blood Pressure was 169/109;

I was tired all of the time;

It was hard to get moving;

It was hard to get up from my knees;

I was not sleeping well


My Blood Pressure is 125/70;

I have more energy;

My sleep is better;

and I have lost 10lbs!

Ed M.

This technique allows Dr. Ratliff to determine your unique nutritional needs. To meet your nutritional needs he uses only Standard Process products.

For over 70 years Standard Process Inc® has been the leader in the field of natural, whole food supplements. Standard Process believes a quality, natural food supplement begins in the soil. Many of the raw foods used in Standard Process products are grown on company-owned farms using organic farming techniques. This quality is maintained by manufacturing their food supplements at their state-of-the-art facility in Palmyra, Wisconsin. It is Standard Process' attention to detail and use of the finest ingredients that allows their supplements to meet and exceed the most demanding quality standards.


Key Benefits

  • Natural food concentrates not synthetic isolates
  • Contain all the helper nutrients (synergists) the body needs to optimally absorb and use the nutrients
  • Balances body chemistry
  • Build body tissues
  • Won't create imbalances like synthetic supplements do
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